Have you ever wondered why there is so little sophistication in pornographic images and so little pornography in art and design images?  

Pornography means the presentation of sexually explicit images. In the western culture pornography is synonymous with obscenity. On the other hand, the presentation of explicit sexual images can also be esthetic, positive, pleasant and of high quality- it can also be in a magazine that you can place on your coffee table and don’t have to hide in the bathroom or under the mattress.

Since pornography became associated with repulsiveness and negative connotations, we named the magazine "forno" in contrast to "porno". We believe that an interest in sex is natural, healthy and positive as long as it is made gladly and consensually.  We do not disapprove of pornography - we are just looking for a little bit more so that we can satisfy our sense of estheticism, vision and intellect.

Sex is our most basic occupation. As evolved and creative individuals, we discover that there are many ways to perceive a specific sexual act and that each person has a different perspective with respect to that act.

forno magazine dedicates each issue to a different aspect of sex.  We ask artists and designers of all art forms and medias to create an original image for the relevant issue. The criteria are high quality images that incorporate a cool and innovative idea. It is important to us that the encounter of the viewer with any image presented in forno magazine will be joyful, positive and challenging.

And one last word about money - which is the only subject that might compare with sex:

Publishing a magazine without advertisements and commercial sponsors can be a financially suicidal act.

We at forno are personally affronted by the continuous assault of advertising to which we are all subject to throughout all walks of life and we choose to be neither censored nor controlled by the advertisers. This freedom comes at a great cost - but is worth every penny. We are here to be uninhibited and to have fun and hope that you will too.    


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Hilli Kushnir cover Issue #5


Kukula cover Issue #4

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